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In a modern world it’s important to step out of your routine and devote some quality time to self- care. If you feel your skin is a bit dull, saggy and full of small wrinkles it’s a perfect time to try out our facial massage. Face massage is the best option in case you are against injections. It’s fair enough to say there isn’t only one technique while performing facial massage, but plenty of them. Our beauty parlor can offer you 2 major facial massage types depending on your skin requirements: manual( classic) and plastic.

Classic facial massage is a gentle and painless way to get rid of toxins, relax and bring back glowing and radiant skin, while plastic facial massage eliminates age-related changes or may be used as more effective method to prevent deep wrinkles without being injected. Let’s look closely at the facial massage benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation and lymph flow

  • Slows down aging process

  • Tightens face oval

  • Makes cheekbones look more prominent

  • Eliminates second chin

During the face massage procedure you will undergo 4 main steps:

  • Thorough facial cleansing

  • Stroking along the massage lines using suitable serum or lotion

  • More intense movement- kneading

  • Applying of a nourishing cream according to your skin condition

Unfortunately, if you have of these conditions facial massage can’t be performed: blood and lymphatic system diseases, dermatitis, rosacea, herpes, purulent inflammations or low intracranial pressure. Please, consider this before booking the procedure.

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