Facial cleansing

“Must  have” well –known procedure of nowadays and especially popular among women and teens who’re struggling to have a better skin. But what does it really look like? Who is it necessary for? Does it really help against various skin troubles? These are some common questions our clients are frequently confused with.

Facial cleansing is a procedure which involves removing black and whiteheads and exfoliating skin from all external dirt. Getting a facial cleansing is essential for those, who is battling against acnе, skin rash and excessively oily skin. Our beauty parlor offers 2 kinds of facials for you:

Mechanical using special cosmetic tools during which you get a manual facial cleansing.

Mechanical facial cleansing is suitable for those who:

  • Have pimples and spots constantly

  • Suffer large pores

  • Have skin that produces excessive amount of oil

Pros of manual facial cleansing:

  • Cleans pores

  • Reduces black and whiteheads

  • Provides radiant and vibrant skin

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Combined- a mix of 2 different techniques ( manual and ultrasound).

Combined facial cleansing is suitable for those who:

  • Wish to get rid of major skin troubles and as quickly as possible

  • Want clear pores and maintain overall skin health

  • Don’t have severe acne

Pros of manual facial cleansing:

  • Removes excessive sebum and leave clear pores after only 1 procedure

  • Improves skin tone and radiance

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis

  • All redness is gone in 2-3 days depending on individual skin condition

Since facial cleansing is quite traumatic procedure to any skin type it ends with facial spa which includes applying of a calming facial mask to help your skin heal after the treatment in a short period of time.

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