Dermapen mesotherapy

Dermapen mesotherapy is an advanced technology that uses micro needles to perform small mesotherapy injections, thus producing more collagen. Basically dermapen mesotherapy procedure equals renewing your skin.

While mesotherapy is a powerful and effective cocktail for your skin itself dermapen technology is much more effective method to bring youth and smoothness to your skin.

The principle of dermapen mesotherapy is following: our cosmetologist uses special tool called Dermapen which penetrates your skin 100 times per second with the help of 12 thin small needles.

But no worries! This is not painful as it can seem at the first glance! We can assure you our experienced beauticians are going to make this procedure absolutely painless for you. For those clients who don’t want to experience any discomfort we provide anesthetics.

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Mesotherapy injections are for you if you wish :

    • more elasticity and tightening
    • to get rid of post-acne, pigmentation and skin damaged after sun
    • to minimize scarring
    • collagen stimulation and skin rejuvenating
    • to get your pores refined
    • noticeable wrinkle reduction without any invasive methods

By the end of this treatment your epidermis will be enriched with vitamins and other healthy valuable active components which will be delivered to the deep layers of dermis. As a result your skin becomes more elastic, radiant, rejuvenated, deeply hydrated, more firm and visibly youthful . So don’t be hesitant and try out this wonderful treatment!

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