Chemical peels

Chemical peels are widely known for improving skin appearance and eliminating dull and dead cells. If you have got a fair skin and light hair, you are the best candidate for getting chemical peeling. In case you are darker you are at risk of having an uneven skin color afterwards.

Chemical peels can be used : to reduce age pigmentation, freckles and uneven skin color ,to improve overall skin appearance, to treat acne and  wrinkles caused by aging process and excessive UV sunrays. There are 3 types of chemical peels:

  • Superficial

    requires minimum time, short rehab, little redness is expected

  • Medium

    good for skin with sun spots and moderate acne scarring, recovery period- about a week, constant moisture and ointment is needed

  • Deep

    aims severe skin troubles, acne scars and excessive sun damage, rehab period can last up to 14 days

During the chemical peel treatment chemical liquid is applied onto your face which later exfoliates damaged and dry skin and eventually peels off after a certain period of time. Acid that is used makes the top layer of the skin break down. Chemical peeling can be performed on the face, neck and hands. The whole process of having chemical peeling treatment includes several steps:

  • Removing make-up and cleansing the face

  • Using ointment around eyes, nose and mouth

  • Applying certain acid type depending on what your desirable result is

  • Using a neutralizing agent(only during deep chemical peeling) to prevent acid from further penetration

As a result a softer, smoother and more radiant new elastic skin appears. In order to get the best outcome don’t forget to apply sunblock every day since your skin is going to be vulnerable to the sunrays for some time.

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Acne treatment

Acne treatment has always been a major problem for both teens and people who are already in their 30s. What is the main factor in winning this battle? Where should you start from? Is the process long and complicated for to finish it successfully? What if it isn’t possible to get back the skin I used to have few years ago? These questions often come to our clients’ minds when they think they’re finally ready to begin this difficult journey. All you need is patience! Your skin is our priority! Don’t neglect the chance to have clear skin without any imperfections and choose the best treatment for acne and acne scars today!

Our specialists will definitely help you solve this particular problem. Choosing the right treatment of acne is a key point if you want to return smoothness and radiance to your skin. 

  1. First of all our cosmetician is going to define the reason of acne on your face( it’s either a hormonal disbalance or it can be stress-related).
  2. Next step is to work out the proper acne treatment strategy(facial cleansing, manual peeling, microdermabrasion, mask applying, moisturizing). Of course it can be changed according to peculiarities of certain client’s demand.
  3. After defining best treatment for your skin our beautician is going to analyze your skin routine care and modify it if necessary.

In case you had severe acne it could lead to deep scars and blemishes. Though treatment for acne scars is definitely not a matter of one day we’re ready to assist you and assure you in the best outcome.

For those who need laser treatment of acne we offer treatment using latest technologies.

Principle of laser acne treatment- stimulation of new tissue formation (reducing fibrosis under the skin surface). 

The major benefit of this method is that it doesn’t have troublesome post- effects and isn’t damaging for the skin layers.

Thus, developing  further scarring is going to be stopped and the process of new collagen production will be started.

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