Nowadays, there isn’t probably anyone who hasn’t  heard about botox or botox injections at least once. It is said botox injections are one of the most controversial procedures you can get  in the beauty parlor. Let’s look closely at how  it works, who needs it and the downsides of having this necessary yet contradictory treatment. Botox is made from bacteria that causes  Botusilm . Botulinum toxin is a dangerous toxin, however, its molecular structure is adjusted via certain medical engineering process that makes it neutral and inactive, thus it isn’t possible for Botulinum toxin to harm you or cause the  decease. The principle of  Botulinum toxin  is simple- it prevents  nerve and muscle activity. That’s why botox injections have become extremely popular lately.

Botox injections delicately paralyze the muscles in tissue which are surrounded with injected areas disrupting the nerve signaling processes that stimulate muscle contradictions. Muscle contradictions become impossible due to numbness and paralysis. This effect allows to use botox injections in other cases: excessive sweating, eyelid spasms and  cross- eye treatment. If you’re still unaware whether this is suitable for you , here are some basic facts and benefits of botox injections:

  • It’s safe and noninvasive

  • Botox injections are made with small needles, small discomfort and pressure is possible

  • More than 1 area can be injected at a time

  • Get rid of loose and saggy skin

  • Easily eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet and lines at the mouth corners

  • Easily eliminates wrinkles, fine lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet and lines at the mouth corners

  • Treated area gets numb , as a result skin wrinkles weaken and muscles are stiff

  • After using botox it causes a mild inflammation and plumps the injected site to create the appearance of more radiant and firm skin

  • During rehab period it’s important to take a proper rest, consume plenty of water, exclude workout and avoid massaging and scratching injected areas.

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Although the advantages of botox are obvious there are certain side effects which it’s essential to be aware of: headache, light sensitiveness, dry mouth, swelling, redness, difficulties while swallowing, sore throat, irregular heartbeats and breath shortness. Hence, it’s  extremely important to get a thorough consultation to get a proper treatment and  to exclude all possible downsides and  unsatisfactory after effects. Our experienced beautician will definitely provide you the best service explaining everything in details.

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